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I’ll Stand by You by Jeremy Lopez

I’ll Stand by You by Jeremy Lopez
By Jeremy Lopez

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my story. I remember receiving Christ into my life at an early age. Going through the ‘regular’ routine like we all do of being taught the scriptures. Learning more about who Christ is and what He has done for me. I remember being in the word of faith movement and so many other movements of God. I strived “working” so hard to find out more about the truth so I could tuck it underneath my belt and “know it,” memorize it so it could be “life” to me and I could “help” others get on the “right path.” A number of years ago I began to discover who I really was and what I had become. I had become someone who lives by the letter of the law instead of realizing my relationship was not built on a book but on a Father in heaven who loved me. He tells us, “you didn’t choose me, I chose you.” It is so easy to become a worshipper of the Bible rather than a worshipper of God through His precious Son Jesus.

I forgot the Word within the Word. I forgot the author was a person who cared, loved and accepted me just the way I am. Why? Because I didn’t choose Him, He chose me. If I chose Him, He could have easily rejected me and said, “no thanks. This inn is full.” But He chose Me just how I was, which means, He takes out what needs to be taken out of me. He does the cleaning, not me. I just yield my mind over to Him to let it be renewed. But please remember like I said earlier, He chose Me! Just how I was!

The Kingdom of God is Relational
I see how others forget that the kingdom of God is relational not doctrinal or traditional. It is built upon covenant more than anything else. I watched a very close friend of mine of over 20 years who knew this principle but somehow by the influence of others in the system, go back from relational and covenant to word bound. So now, he will not speak to me or even some others with his heart, he speaks to me only by giving me scripture. What happens when we lose ourselves with speaking not from our heart to love, accept, comfort and show compassion; instead we skip the heart and only “speak the word.” Have we forgotten the Jesus behind the “word” (Bible)? The same Jesus who didn’t throw scripture at people but loved people. Jesus spoke scripture to the enemy when He was in the desert because He knew the word could be used as a sword in battle to defeat.

But when the woman who was caught in adultery saw Jesus, He didn’t say, “the Bible says, ‘Thou shall not commit adultery!'” He looked at her and said, “I don’t accuse you.” It wasn’t even the fact that she was caught in the midst of it. No repentance. No remorse…..just caught! But because He LOVED her and desired to build a relationship with her, he told her, “I don’t accuse you.” Could she go back to living in adultery? Yes. Was Jesus guaranteed that she wouldn’t? No. But He still desired to love her and wanted a better life for her but He still did not turn His back upon her! He still did not say, “let’s put her through a time of 13 years of recovery.” He just wanted relationship with her.

Let me talk to you about the kingdom of God for a moment. What is the kingdom of God? It is built on covenant, not doctrine, not tradition and not how spiritual we can be. It is supernatural! Let me give you an example. If you went to your natural father and told him something about you that he would not agree with, what would he do? If he truly has a father’s heart he would say something to the effect of, “I might not agree but you are still my child and I love you.” My natural dad and I do not always agree with things we believe but the idea that my dad would cast me out and say, “you’re no longer my son” would be nothing I have ever known since my dad has a father’s heart to say, “you’re my son and nothing will ever change that fact.”

Probably many of you, maybe like my friend above, never had a dad who had a father’s heart. Maybe many of you feel your natural “father” because he is a doctrine or tradition worshipper does not possess a true father’s heart. Please hear me now! YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS CHILDREN…..ALL OF HIS CHILDREN. He does not care about your doctrines, your traditions or your opinions. He wants your heart. He wants his son or daughter to say, “good morning daddy.” I remember many great men of God like, David VanCronkhite, Jack Taylor, Bob Mumford, David Huskins and many others have the father’s heart.

So many people in the system of the church are more concerned with Jeremy Lopez’s gift or office as a prophet more than even getting to know the real me. Why? Because so many ministers and people don’t really want to know you, they would rather have your gift or office to use it and than turn when they’re done and move on. I have said it before and I will say it again. I love all people! I told my friends and family years ago that I would never leave them but many will leave me. I have seen it with a close friend of mine of over 20 years and many others just like many of you out there have because relationship and covenant are so important to me. More important than if we agree or disagree, if you believe in the rapture or no rapture, if you believe this or that.

I will never forget the day I met David VanCronkhite, a mighty man of God and a close friend of mine. I tried so hard to figure him out by asking what he believed or did not believe. He never answered me but he just kept saying, “love wins, love wins, love wins.” I never really realized what I was doing since I had been caught up in the system of those who created it in the church. I was just like one of them! Trying to figure out if David and I could be friends based on if what we believed was the same. I finally realized I too had been caught up in the matrix of the system. My relationship with him and so many others could not be based on if we agree in doctrines. Why? Because I too, allowed doctrines to come between me and building the kingdom by loving others and building relationships just like my Daddy in heaven does with me and all of His other children.

The Church Should be a Place of Safety
Take a look at your life for a moment. How many people have you hurt or kicked out of your life over doctrines and beliefs? The Jesus in the word is still wanting nothing more than relationship with His children. Are we mature enough to say, “I love you…..regardless?”

The church should be a place of safety, love, protection, etc. but instead we have created it to be a place of beliefs and doctrines. To put it another way, it has become a “bible cult” not a “house of prayer for ALL nations.” All people are welcome to come to the house of God. ALL PEOPLE!

If there is something God wants to work out in them, let Him do it. When we become people who use His precious word to hurt, “straighten up” or even massacre, we become Pharisees. Someone who uses something that is meant to heal, deliver and comfort as a tool to pound, beat and hurt. I am a grace man. It’s sad that people hate people that display grace to all. But ask yourself this question: “When you approach the throne of God one day, will God say, ‘well done, you used my word to straighten people up, you told others who did not line up with what you believe that they are not welcome, come on in you wonderful servant.’ Or do you want the Lord to say, ‘well done thy good and faithful servant. You loved those who were hurting, different from you. You allowed everyone and anyone into My house to pray to find the way for a better life for them. You kept on loving them, humbling yourself to love and show them grace. Because if you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to Me.’?”

Please note, I love every one of you. I stand with you and for you no matter who or what you are because I see Jesus in you.

I love you and your Daddy in Heaven loves you too.

Jeremy Lopez

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Something New by Jeremy Lopez

Something New by Jeremy Lopez
By Jeremy Lopez

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Today I am reminded of how I need to write some things that have been on my heart for some time. Everyone today is talking about how there is a “shift” that is taking place in the earth today. I truly believe it with all of my heart but I really think we are so wrapped up in the drama and theatrics of church and conferences that we don’t take a deeper look at the heart of God to see exactly what He wants in the earth today.

I see so much in the prophetic move that disappoints me only because it seems to be we are more about fighting for God, standing up for God and displaying justice that we forget all about Christ and what He did and DID NOT DO. I love the prophetic because it runs in my blood deep but I hear so much today in the prophetic move about us being a militant army for God and how we have to fight and stand up for justice and on and on. But let’s look at the heart of Christ found in the New Testament. Did you know that the word “army” is only in the New Testament twice while the word “son” and “Sonship” is in there a multitude of times. It seems we love the theatrics of the Old Testament and want to bring it into the New Testament because in reality, it gets boring just doing what Christ really did. Subconsciously this is how many really feel. It breaks my heart when Christ never even spoke of us being an army and so many people would rather fight than love and walk in humility. Have we forgotten that the MEEK shall INHERIT THE EARTH? Don’t get me wrong, I believe we are the army of the Lord but more importantly according to Christ, we are called to walk in Sonship.

Relationship, Family and Intimacy

Sonship speaks of relationship, family and intimacy. Now it sounds great to war, march in the streets, come against the president by constantly bashing him to others, coming against gay people, rallying against abortionist, etc. All of this makes us feel empowered doesn’t it? I have learned to stay away from certain “prophetic” voices today because they have become so hostile against people in general because they feel God is against those people too. You don’t have to agree with people (sinner or saint) that are different than you but you are commanded to love (Agape) them. Agape means, unconditional, without boundaries, etc. In fact, that is the second highest law or commandment that Jesus gave. The New Testament speaks of fighting the good fight of faith (not people), it speaks of loving your neighbor like yourself instead of “taking a stand” by marching in the streets in a militant way. I can tell you right now, some of you are getting mad at this very moment because it angers you since you have been trained so much and taught to be militant and not loving. Most people feel that if they don’t “do something for God” by marching, standing, warring, etc., that God won’t really like them or be happy with them.

In fact, the word says to give your shirt to others if they ask for it. Turn the other cheek if someone strikes you. To be honest with you, the church has become a scary place to be! It’s not a place of refuge anymore for the broken hearted, sinners (even those living in sin) but it has become a place of militant strong soldiers who, if they fall, we shoot them. Everyone knows the church shoots their wounded.

Loving Everybody

What would truly happen if we loved people…regardless and allowed anyone and everyone in the house of God to worship? Since the bible says, “How will you know if they are My disciples, by the love they have one for another? The church is called, a house of prayer for ALL NATIONS. HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THAT SCRIPTURE?

You can pray, preach, prophesy, shake, quake and have gold dust all over the place and to be honest with you, none of that impresses me at all. What causes me to take a second glance at people is the love they show everyone. Think about everything Christ did. He went to a woman who was caught in the act of adultery and told her “I don’t accuse you.” He looked at the thief on the cross, who did not even know or fully believe He was the son of God because he said IF you are the son of God remember me when you come into your kingdom. So Christ gave life to a thief who only said “IF.” WOW! Look at the woman at the well, He could have called her a whore but never even disrespected her at all but simply “read her mail” and said “I can give you water that will cause you to never thirst again.”

As I view the prophetic move today, it concerns me because I see a people who live only for a manifestation no matter what it is. Have we forgotten about character, integrity, loving people, having mercy on people, etc.? I see blood thirsty people who would rather have another prophetic word on top of their 40 other prophetic words than simply love a gay man or woman and show them compassion. I see those who have become so spooky spiritual who think the world is persecuting them when in reality the world (and most of the rest of the church) look at them as being a nut case. Why do we thrive so much on being so goofy and have to see strange manifestations than walk with integrity, excellence and love? Do I believe in miracles? ABSOLUTELY! BUT NOT MORE THAN THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT THAT DEALS WITH LOVING GOD AND PEOPLE. Isn’t it time to be like Jesus and show compassion, grace, love and mercy to all? The bible says “the greatest of all of these is love.” The greatest thing you can ever do in life is simply love like Jesus.

Don’t Live by Signs and Wonders

Even on the subject of signs and wonders. Jesus said that many will not even believe unless they see signs and wonders. This is digressing in Sonship since we are called to not walk by what we see or feel. I know so many people that signs and wonders have become a drug rush for them instead of walking by faith and not by sight. I have heard people say, “I did not like that conference because there weren’t any signs, wonders, gold dust, feathers, etc.” That concerns me a lot. I want to say, “was the word preached not good enough for you?” Now the word does say that signs and wonders follow the preaching of the word but that is if you have unbelievers there. Most of all these conferences have a small group of the same people because it never really grows. Why? Because we cannot live off of signs and wonders. ESPECIALLY if we are Christians. Signs and wonders were for the doubters and unbelievers according to scripture. We must examine our hearts to see if we are really doing what Jesus did or have we created what we want to see. Some charismatics, prophetic people love the drama and theatrics of it all. Please don’t get me wrong, I get excited too but I don’t live or worship it. I worship a God that IS LOVE. A God who is compassionate, loving, kind, gentle, strong, bold and who has mercy that endures forever. In fact, His mercies endure forever and also they are new EVERY morning. Praise God!

Jeremy Lopez